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Welcome to Tula.

Let's Heal What's Holding You Back.

As an Integrative Mental Health group, we value all of you. We are trained in many different ways to provide therapy so that your care is individualized, unique, and effective. We may use one approach to help you reach your goals, or incorporate multiple techniques to make sure you are feeling supported and that you feel your session times are valuable.

Why We Are Here.

Tula was born of a dream to offer quality counseling to children, adults, and families in Butte County. We believe that therapy is an essential part of a healthy life, and we work hard to ensure our services are rooted in evidence and research, are culturally informed, and socially relevant. 

We believe that there is more to your story than what happened to you.

We are committed to anti-oppressive therapeutic work that honors your identity and acknowledges that the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of yourself are a central component of the therapeutic process. We use a healing-centered, customized approach for you and/or your children to move through the challenges you face to build healthier, more resilient, and joyful lives. 


Integrative Mental Health

What do we mean by Integrative Mental Health?

We see the human experience as multidimensional, and included your mind, body, and spirit.

Our Inspiration

The word Tula shows up in languages spanning the globe and across time. It is a word that deeply resonates with our work, and is inviting to all seeking holistic mental health care.

Here are just some of the meanings Tula holds:

"to be tranquil" in Kiswahili

 "balance" in Sanskrit

"mountain peak" in Choctaw

“a poem” in Tagalog

"a vine grown for its fruit" in Chilean Spanish

and so much more.

We believe every being is deserving of joy, equanimity, and peace. We hope you will find your center, your balance, ad tranquility while in our care and in your daily life.

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