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Working With Children

Choosing a therapist for your child is a big decision. We honor that process by bringing transparency, kindness, and collaboration to your child's care.

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Our Services

Therapy With Children

Should my child see a therapist? We get asked this question all of the time. The best answer we can give is- it really depends! We are here to help your child process big life changes, work through behavioral challenges, and be their support and advocate. It can also be helpful for your child or adolescent to have a neutral person to go to when things are hard. Some of the issues we can help with include:

  • anxiety

  • family transitions and separation

  • traumatic experiences

  • adjustment

  • behavioral concerns

  • depression

  • suicidal ideation

  • and more.


When working with younger children, we offer a variety of approaches and therapies to help infants and young children develop a strong attachment to their caregiver, heal from traumatic experiences, and work through behavioral challenges. We focus on child-directed play therapy, sand tray therapy, filial therapy, and behavioral regulation skills to enhance their experiences in the world. Working with infants and young children can create a strong foundation for a bright future.


We provide thoughtful, intentional, and family-centered care to support your child or teenage through all of the obstacles that life can place before them. Whether your child or teen is working through struggles with self-esteem, or is experience highly distressing emotions including the desire to harm their bodies, we are skilled in supporting them and your whole family through the process of healing.​

Emotional & Behavioral Assessment for Children 0-5

What exactly does this Look Like?

If you are worried about your young child's behavior or development, this is for you!

Through a thorough process including:

  1. Parent/Caregiver Interview

  2. Interaction with Child

  3. Observations at home, the community, and/or at their school

We will offer our insights and recommendations on if your child is within typical behavioral and emotional range for their age and provide recommendations for any adjustments you can make as parents and for additional services, if any.​

Cost: $150-$300 depending on depth and number of observations required.

What Do We Focus On with Young Children?

We will work on emotional recognition and skill building, processing past and present life events, and planning for the future through approaches including play and sand tray therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and more! We will work to understand the root cause of your child's distress.

Individual Counseling


Parent-Child Counseling & Family Counseling

Working with Parents & Families

Children are relational beings, and imporiving the attachement and connection with siblings and caregivers can be essential to their overall wellbeing! With the guidance of a trained therapist, your family can learn new and more effective ways to interact, manage conflict, and creating lasting bonds.


Learning In Community

Groups are coming soon! Check back for information on groups that may help your child heal and thrive.


Groups & Camps!

We are so proud to be offering our very first year of Eco-Therapy Adventure Camp! Reach out to reserve your spot or to ask any questions!

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