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Here are some of our favorite resources and materials to support you with your work here at Tula.

Books for Personal Growth

Books are some of our greatest resources in aquiring the knowledge we need to heal. Check out this list curated by the therapists at Tula to enhance your inner wisdom and health.


Parenting Books & Books for Kids

We promote peaceful and gentle parenting strategies here at Tula, and our guidance is rooted in evidence and research. Here are some of our facvorite parenting books, as well as some books for your littles to support their social and emotional growth!


Sensory Equipment & Items

Whether you or your child need a little extra support processing sensory input, there are many tools you can use! Take a look at some of our recommended items and give them a try.


Local Groups & Partners

Our community has many healers and professionals who can help you on your holistic journey to wellness. Take a look at some of our recommendations, and let us know if you have any questions!

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