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Jenni Miller-James

Graduate Intern

I have a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and will receive my master’s degree in social work in Spring 2023, with an emphasis on clinical psychotherapy.

Internationally educated in India, Mexico, California, and Hawaii, I have thousands of hours of experience and training in massage therapy, yoga instruction, and mindfulness. I am now incorporating that experience into developing a mindfulness-based psychotherapy practice that uses somatic approaches for engagement of the body in healing and trauma processing. This research-supported practice is becoming more common, and I am proud to offer it in my hometown of Chico, CA.

Trained in a wide range of healing modalities, my philosophy incorporates evidence-based and traditional techniques that best support clients in their individual healing processes. No two clients’ healings paths will be alike.

I have chosen healing professions because it is a profound honor to listen, hold space, and witness the healing of others. It's amazing to see what people can heal in themselves when given a quiet, safe place to process and examine their minds and bodies. I understand the purpose of the healer to be a trusted person who creates that space.

I specialize in working with adults, particularly new parents and individuals in service-oriented professions.

I specialize in mindfulness and somatic engagement techniques in psychotherapy and perinatal mental health. As a massage and bodywork professional for 12 years, I am passionate about involving the body in trauma processing and healing. We know that trauma is stored in the body, something that I witnessed for years as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. I am privileged to combine the knowledge that I've gained from my previous experience with my growing experience as a clinical social worker. Engaging both the mind and the body symptoms of trauma has the capacity to create profound healing.

If I changed careers, I'd be a poet or a botanist. I love plants and the written word as an art form.

For self care, I love gardening, yoga, making smoothies with my toddler, getting massages, and allowing myself to be relentlessly curious.

Jenni Miller-James
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