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Emma Todd


You really do love your child- but the road to becoming a parent has been, well, really hard. As a new parent, you might wonder if you are doing the right thing. You've read all of the books and yet, it seems like there is always something new to learn. You may start to feel exhausted, anxious, or have dark thoughts that are leaving you overwhelmed, or even scared. You don't mention it because you worry others won’t understand. You deserve to live a life that leaves you excited to wake up every morning, and heal from this negative and overwhelming thoughts.

I want to help you find meaning and purpose in your parenthood journey. To do this we may look at short-term solutions to help you through the day, or process past traumas and hurt that are suddenly coming back to trouble you today. Let's find a way to find your inner joy and relish this new chapter in your life.

With close to 10 years are a professional working with children and parents, I have found my path is truly to help the caregivers. To nurture the mothers. To shine a light when it feels like your life is clouded in darkness. Starting therapy can feel intimidating, but I hope you will take a moment (and maybe a deep breath) to call and see how I can help.

While in my care, I will be here to guide, support, and hold space for your healing.

My therapeutic approach is holistic in terms of including your personal history, medical and psychological background, and present social and spiritual life into your therapy. I focus on using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you notice and change the interaction between your thoughts and behaviors; Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy work to help you be present in your life and be able to meet your challenges with a sense of balance and equanimity; Solution-Focused Brief Therapy to help you zone in on your goals and create steps to achieve your vision; Nature-Based Therapies to enhance your connection to the world around you, among other approaches. With children, I use all of these approaches but do so in the context of somatic play therapy and/or sand therapy interventions. 


My Journey: I have two beautiful sons and am in awe every day of the incredible people they are growing to be. My journey to becoming a mother, however, was not a straight path. I survived an emergency cesarean and postpartum depression before being able to heal and grow into my role as a mother. I use my experience navigating the complex referral systems and typical treatment barriers to inform my work and how I support the people in my care. When I am not in the therapy room, you can find me gardening, hiking with her sons and husband, playing with her dogs, watching British sitcoms, and enjoying all of the community and beauty that Northern California has to offer.

Credentials & Approach: As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have earned a master's degree, passed two state board exams, and worked under the supervision of a licensed therapist for more than 3,000 hours before being granted my own license to practice in the state of California. I am also trained as a Breath Coach to provide a natural way to alleviate some symptoms of anxiety, restlessness, and depression.

(530) 212-0266

Emma Todd
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