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We offer a variety of approaches to help you and your loved heal and move forward with equanimity and joy.

Types of Therapy

Assessment & Consultation

Our Assessment & Consultation package is a great option if you are hoping to learn more about your - or your child's- mental health. Through this process you will participate in an in-depth assessment session where you will discuss your medical, psychological, social and spiritual history and will be given a thorough and individualized list of recommendations moving forward. This service is most commonly requested by parents seeking answers for regarding their child's emotional health or behaviors.

Individual Therapy

We offer one-on-one sessions for children, teens, and adults to address many of life's challenges. Individual sessions are typically 45-60 minutes and will be designed to support you in your healing.

Tune Up

Sometimes you are not looking for long term therapy, just a brief visit to help meet goals, check in on your mental and emotional health, or address a specific problem. Our "Tune Ups" are a series of 3-6 60-minutes sessions to focus on your goals and check in on your emotional health. These sessions are focused on solutions and meeting goals.

Parenting Education & Support

Whether you are a first-time parent or have already raised several, children require different supports and approaches to become their best selves. In our community, the aftermath of the Camp Fire and COVID-19 drastically altered the emotional and social growth of our children. Meet with a trained and experienced therapist who can help you provide you with the parenting education and support you deserve to raise emotionally healthy and balanced children.

Couples Therapy

Beginning couples counseling can be overwhelming- that's why we are trained in the Gottman Method to help you navigate any challenges you are facing in your relationship. Work with a relationship expert to compassionately manage your conflicts, deepen your friendship and intimacy, and share your life purpose and dreams.

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