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Perinatal Mental Health

Becoming a parent is hard. We dream of the joy and bliss that having a baby will bring- and many times, the reality can bring feelings of exhaustion, disappointment, and stress. We are here for you in the darkest moments of becoming a parent to help you find your light once again.

Here at Tula we are trained in advanced assessment and treatment of perinatal mental health mood and anxiety challenges. We work collaboratively with other providers in Butte County to offer high quality, considerate care for you in the days leading up to birth -whether you are birthing or planning to adopt- and in the early days of parenthood.

Anxiety and depression before, during, and after pregnancy can leave you feeling isolated, uncertain, hopeless, and even questioning whether or not you're cut out to be a parent. This does not have to be the end of your story- rather, a beginning to a new and beautiful chapter of your life. We offer counseling services in our office, virtually through Telehealth, or are able to visit you in your home to provide the most convenient treatment possible. We intimately understand the needs of new parents and welcome the honor of helping you on your path.

Fathers and non-birthing parents face stressors during early parenthood, too! Learning how to process your new role in life, how to support your partner, and learn how to parent can seem overwhelming, but you do not have to face this challenge alone! If you are beginning to feel higher levels of stress, relationship challenges, trouble focusing, symptoms of anxiety or depression, or just generally a shift in who you are, reach out today to process these changes and learn practical skills to grow through this experience.

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