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A Few of My Favorite Things...

One of my favorite ways to work with children is to use Bibliotherapy- or the use of books in their therapeutic plan. Many times books can help us to open up a world that talking or playing can now access. It can also help to build more empathy and compassion for themselves and those with whom they interact!

The Whatifs is a beautifully illustrated experience of a young girls moving from a place of anxiety to a place of curiosity and confidence. We all have doubts and negative self-talk, but this book helps to show our children that there are ways in which to address those negative, intrusive thoughts and look for the brighter side.

My Whirling, Twirling Motor is a helpful story for young ones who are struggling with attention and stillness. While not all wiggly children have a diagnosable challenge such as ADHD, it can take a large tole on children to feel like they are disappointing those they love most because they need so many reminders. This book is a great view of what it can feel like for a child with an overly-active brain, and shows a great example for how caregivers and parents can support the development of their child's self-esteem.

Crying is Like the Rain can help all children not only learn about their emotions, but learn that all feelings are welcome and normal, and can come and go. In my experience, children who are able to identify their emotions and have the knowledge that even hard emotions can pass are better able to cope with the daily struggles of growing up. The book has beautiful illustrations and the words are soothing to both you and your child.

Teach Your Dragon About Feelings is a fun story about teaching someone else about feelings. Oftentimes it can be hard for kids to decode their feelings and identify what is going on. Teaching others about emotions can be a great way in which to learn about ourselves and how to empathize with others who may be experiencing big or overwhelming emotions.

Breathe Like a Bear is a collection of short mindfulness moments to share with your child. Either they can read them, or you can read for them and experience the mindful moment together. This book has many useful ways to help your child (and you too!) find inner calm and peace to develop emotional understanding, acceptance, and resilience.

While there are so many more books I love to use, these are some of my favorites, and ones that the children I work with seem to really love and learn from. Happy reading!

With gratitude,


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