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First Responders & Allied Professionals

If you are a teacher, social worker, first responder, or healthcare professional, you didn't end up here by accident. I would guess you spent years working hard and training to become the best professional you could be. You wanted to make a big difference in people's lives, in your community, and to provide life-saving support. But, over time, your dream and passion has been muddied by darker thoughts, perhaps some relationship challenges, or even substance abuse. Helping others can sometimes come at a cost, and we want to help you find your way back and cope with the stressors of your job by providing support and resources. You deserve to be taken care of, too.

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Here at Tula, we believe that you should be supported and valued for your expertise and the sacrifices you have made to make our world a better place. To date we have helped first responders, teachers, and healthcare professionals work through the following in both individual sessions and groups:

  • Healing from Burnout and Vicarious Traumatization

  • Processing the aftermath of COVID-19

  • Post-Crisis Debriefs

  • Navigating relationship challenges including child-parent relationships, marriages and romantic partnerships, and even the bond between coworkers and peers

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